Monday, September 24, 2007

Lindsay, get your OWN man!

Everyone has already heard about the busy schedule Lindsay Lohan keeps at Utah’s Cirque Lodge. But what does Lindsay do to fill the rehab gaps between chores, exercises and therapy? According to a recent story in the Daily Mirror, LiLo’s used some of that downtime to get cozy with Dead Stays Alive frontman Tony Allen.

Rumor has it that Lindsay and the married rocker hooked up after bonding over their mutual addictions and creative careers. The Mirror reports that things took off from there. It’s even alleged that the pair had sex in a bathroom at the rehab facility.

A friend of Tony’s wife, British heiress Stephanie Allen, spoke to the Mirror about her pal’s devastation. “She's has had it, period. They tried forever to have kids. She went through IVF three times and suffered two miscarriages, and when they finally got two beautiful babies, he hooks up in rehab with a girl half his age. All Stephanie wanted was for him to be a good husband and father.”

For his part, Tony, who has since left the Cirque, denies the claims. “We're great friends. We share a common affliction, and we just talk about life sometimes.” But the Daily Mirror also cites reports of Tony bragging to friends at a bar about the relationship. “C'mon, it's Lindsay Lohan. Hell, yes! Wouldn't you?”

-- Wow! Is she serious?! Isn't rehab supposed to be to get BETTER?! Looks like Lindsay is having TONS of fun there! I think that is absolutely rediculous. What a ..., well, I can't really say cause it's not worth getting kicked out of school over HER! But she, like Britney, is another one of those celebs that has dug theirselves deeper than they can ever get out.

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Maegan said...

But, Nikki don't you know that hooking up is the only proven method to end drug abuse. Who has time to do a line when they have to get ready for a date?

Dear, my brian just can't handle anything. Just a downward-sprial of falsehood and insanity. I wish I could come up with something wittier (is that a word, and if so did I spell it correctly?)

Well, any witty comment would just take away from an already amusingly depressing reality of the celebrity world.

Tata, and Thank you.