Friday, September 21, 2007

Has Britney gone... GOOD?

It’s been a rough week for pop singer Britney Spears. First her former bodyguard testified against her in court. Then she was told that she must submit to twice weekly drug tests and cannot drink or use drugs within twelve hours of receiving her kids for a visit.

And when it looked the bleakest, Brit even
went out clubbing, a move that left most of us scratching our heads and asking, “Huh?” But as of yesterday, it looks as though the “Gimme More” singer may have decided to clean up.

--Britney, gone good? Honestly, I don't see that ever happening. We are in constant reminder that she screws up, and the next day she wants to change. HOW MANY people need to turn their backs against her in order to change? When is she going to realize that people will never stop making fun of her. She's ruined her reputation a LONG time ago. She will never be able to recover, being the VMA's were her chance to redeem herself, but she blew it. I wish the best for her, really, but it's just her fault now!

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If you're going my way, I'll walk with you. said...

i like your page but everyone seriously needs to leave britney alone, she has issues get over it and let her be. but nice page very pretty =)